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Your admission is good for two (or more) movies, which means you get 'em at half-price (or better).  We suggest that you arrive at the theatre early to obtain a great spot, especially on weekends and holidays.  If you plan on arriving later to see the 2nd show, we suggest getting to the box office 90 minutes after the 1st show starts.

Our audio is broadcast via FM radio, so be sure to have a good sound system in your vehicle.  Many fans enjoy parking a truck backwards and filling the bed with pillows and blankets.  Others bring lawn chairs, which are fine so long as you stay in front of your vehicle (but not in the driving lane or obstructing anyone's view).  STAY VISIBLE & ATTEND YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES!  Small tents and blankets make you invisible to drivers backing up or turning at any time, they should only be used in the playground area and NOT anywhere in the parking or laneway areas.  If sitting in chairs, be in front of your vehicle with adults "on the corners" and children safely inside your "area of supervision".

We have a full snack bar with traditional movie treats, ice cream, popcorn and beverages along with a grill and fryers serving a variety of hot food including our famous poutine!  

Additional Info

  • SUV's, vans and pick-ups must park at a WHITE post, yellow is reserved for cars only.
  • Posts are spaced for TWO vehicles between them, please allow room for another vehicle in each "slot".
  • Lift-gates or hatchbacks must not extend above the vehicle's roofline (must be tied-down or remain closed).
  • Lights-Out ALL TIMES.  Please engage parking brake and ask for assistance if you have trouble turing off headlights or brakelights.
  • Sitting outside is fine, but you must remain in front of your vehicle.  Nobody should lie on the ground.  An adult should be seated in a lawnchair on each side with any children seated even or further back of the driving lane than the adults are.
  • Screen tents are not permitted on weekends (Friday-Saturday & Holiday Sundays).  Otherwise they must never block the view of others.  Small tents should never be used, they are "invisible" to moving vehicles in the dark or even in the light.
  • Payment is upon entry, there are no advanced ticket sales and parking spaces are first-come, first served.
  • Visa/Mastercard/Debit or Cash are accepted at the box office and snack bar.
  • Box Office opening time will be posted on the "Now Playing" page.  It is common on busier evenings for a line to form prior to opening.
  • We open rain or clear.  Nothing but a power outage (very rare here) or techical failure stops a showing.
  • Speed limit 5 MPH.
  • Alcohol and drug use in vehicles is ILLEGAL and we will report this to police.
  • Dogs (well behaved) are more than welcome on a leash and cleaned up after.
  • No bar-b-q's, grills, fires or fireworks are permitted.
  • The Theatre and Management assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for Injury, Property Loss, or Damage of any kind.  


We're open weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) spring and fall, 7 nights a week end of June through Labor Day.  November 8-9-10 is our final weekend for 2019.

YES!  Only a power outage (very rare) can stop a showing.  Check the RADAR, the weather people call for disaster and mayhem all the time and it rarely hits us.  If it rains at all, it usually passes well before showtime and worst-case, the picture and sound is just fine in the rain.

We love dogs!  Make sure they're friendly, on a leash and cleaned up after!

We hit the screen at roughly "sunset + 15 minutes", so always check current schedule.

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We broadcast via 88.7FM.  Turn ignition to "accessory" to avoid battery drain (newer cars will simply let you turn the radio itself on).

Chairs and roof-viewing are permitted, however chairs must be in front of your car and not blocking the driving lanes or other parking spaces.  Those watching on the roof must NOT block the view of those behind you (ie: lay down).  An adult should be seated on either side of any children sitting in chairs and the children should be even or further back of the driving lanes.  Nobody should ever lie on the ground or in a small tent, both are "invisible" to drivers in the dark or even in the light.  NEVER leave your children unattended outside the vehicle!  Those wishing to lie on blankets should only do so in the playground area at the front of the theatre well away from vehicles.  A portable radio is recommended.

Screen tents are NOT permitted on Fridays, Saturdays or Holiday Sundays.  On other nights, they should only be used at the side or rear areas of the theatre and NOT in the prime middle parking areas.  They should be placed in front of your vehicle.  Better yet, make up some window screens for your car!  If staff permits, the tents need to be big enough to be visible by drivers in the dark.

Never on a summer Friday, Saturday or Holiday Sunday, otherwise you must check with theatre staff upon arrival who will place you in a spot which won't block anyone's view or any laneway.

Your ticket is good for one, two or three movies.  You can leave anytime you want!


Accordion FAQ

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