Bulletin: Payment Issues July/Aug 2020

Our debit and credit payment processor has experienced a situation where the "batches" of transactions for online movie tickets purchased between early July and now did not close properly. In all cases we’ve seen so far, that meant that the initial charge was approved and then at some point reversed. But the transaction was "stuck" waiting to be processed. You may have seen our Facebook post mentioning the issues with online ticketing, and we’re now learning this is why we were not receiving any funds.

When the processor finally cleared the payments by closing the batch over the last few days, your transaction would appear again. What they've asked people to do is to check their account from early July onwards (for example, $27.50 is 2 adults + service charge) and do a search for that exact amount from then until now. You should see it charged, reversed, then charged again when it finally cleared.

We’re very sorry for the confusion and any worry over this.  We humbly ask that if you did see what would initially appear to be a "mystery" or "double" transaction during this time period, that you search the exact amounts and verify that they were simply "stuck" in the manner we think they were.  If that was NOT the case, please contact us at and we will refer you to a case manager at the payment processor who can investigate further.  Again, we are very sorry to have caused any worry to you, but please only contact us if you cannot find the charge reversal/refunds prior to the eventual completed transaction.